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Akaa is perhaps the most energetic town in Finland. The atmosphere is friendly, and there are plenty of organised activities and clubs to choose from. Nature adventure starts right at your doorstep. In Akaa, public services and leisure activities are constantly being developed in tune with the growing population.

Embark on time travel at the Locomotive Museum

How were trains steered in the old times? How fast could they go? Peek inside the cabins of vintage locomotives and let yourself be transported back in time.
Join a guided tour to hear exciting stories on the adventures of steam engines and their crew. This museum visit will surely be the topic of family conversation for weeks.

Many families visit the museum each summer. After marvelling at the engines, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage in the charming summer café in the railyard.


Ryödintie 3, 37800 Akaa
Tel. +38 40 335 3539

Opening Hours 10 am–4 pm daily, from June 1 to August 31

Inquiries during winter season
Tel. +358 400 231 412,

Entrance fees: 6€/3€, Guided Tours 30 €/group (max. 25 people)
Free entrance for children under 4, veterans,
Akaa schools and day-care centres

isä ja tytär kurkistavat seinän takaa


Enjoy the View with Näkymä!

Näkymä means “the view” and it is a festival of environmental art that fills the parks and pathways of Akaa with art every summer. Näkymä guarantees joy and surprises for everyone time and again. Its main venue is in the picturesque milieu around Lake Nahkialanjärvi.

The festival is known for its high-profile curators and producers who each lend it their unique signature every year. The festival is organised by TaideAkaa Association and the City of Akaa.

In 2020, Näkymä was organised for the 18th time. In 2021, Näkymä is on a break.

taideteos rannalla

Locally grown food

Sweet Akaa is the Finnish Honey Capital where locally produced honey is available all year round. Additionally, there is an abundance of other local delicacies from Highland beef and organic lamb to local ciders, beer, potatoes, and apples. Many farmers in Akaa sell their products directly to customers and participate in food market events, such as the local food festival Läheltä lähtee! in August.

Lapsiperhe syöttää karitsoille maitoa