Viiala workshop

The Viiala workshop works in the same way as the Horisontti in Toijala and is so for unemployed jobseekers that the challenges arising from long-term unemployment or similar life situations can be placed in working life.

We offer a wide range of services for individuals and various units in the city of Akaa. We also help with technical work in various tasks.

Services provided by Viiala’s workshop

Refurbishment of old bikes for sale.
Basic bike maintenance.
The workshop also manufactures small woodwork for sale.

Fillaripaja (Bike’s workshop)

Is there an unused bike at home that you would like to get rid of? The city’s workshops – Horisontti and Viiala’s workshop will refurbish of old bikes. Bike is also possible to pick up on site. The bikes will be refurbished and sold at a fair price at the Viiala workshop.

ATK-Mediapaja (Computer classroom)

In the Viiala workshop, we have a room with desktop computers for the city’s employment management clients.